Web Gallery

This example project shows the creation of a simple, hosted 3D gallery space.  Click on the image to the right, then navigate the space using the mouse and arrow keys.

Because this is an early build, you may need to refresh the page to see the video play inside the gallery.

This project uses the WebGL standard and won’t work in all browsers.  It has currently been tested on chrome, microsoft edge, and firefox.  You may be prompted to click “ok” to start the application.

Because of the difficulties in supporting 3D content across different browsers, VR headsets, and devices, it is generally recommended to build 3D content as a downloadable app, rather than hosting it on the web like we see here.  However, there are some cases where this kind of hosting is more accessible to an audience.

Please contact Framelord for further consultation on your 3D exhibition projects, as this is an exciting space for future development.